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Welcome to (the ”Site”).We understand that privacy online is important to users of our Site, especially when conducting business.This statement governs our privacy policies with respect to those users of the Site (”Visitors”) who visit without transacting business and Visitors who register to transact business on the Site and make use of the various services offered by Buy This Book (collectively, ”Services”) (”Authorized Customers”).

”Personally Identifiable Information”

refers to any information that identifies or can be used to identify, contact, or locate the person to whom such information pertains, including, but not limited to, name, address, phone number, fax number, email address, financial profiles, social security number, and credit card information. Personally Identifiable Information does not include information that is collected anonymously (that is, without identification of the individual user) or demographic information not connected to an identified individual.

What Personally Identifiable Information is collected?

We may collect basic user profile information from all of our Visitors. We collect the following additional information from our Authorized Customers: the names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of Authorized Customers, the nature and size of the business, and the nature and size of the advertising inventory that the Authorized Customer intends to purchase or sell.

What organizations are collecting the information?

In addition to our direct collection of information, our third party service vendors (such as credit card companies, clearinghouses and banks) who may provide such services as credit, insurance, and escrow services may collect this information from our Visitors and Authorized Customers. We do not control how these third parties use such information, but we do ask them to disclose how they use personal information provided to them from Visitors and Authorized Customers. Some of these third parties may be intermediaries that act solely as links in the distribution chain, and do not store, retain, or use the information given to them.

How does the Site use Personally Identifiable Information?

We use Personally Identifiable Information to customize the Site, to make appropriate service offerings, and to fulfill buying and selling requests on the Site. We may email Visitors and Authorized Customers about research or purchase and selling opportunities on the Site or information related to the subject matter of the Site. We may also use Personally Identifiable Information to contact Visitors and Authorized Customers in response to specific inquiries, or to provide requested information.

With whom may the information may be shared?

Personally Identifiable Information about Authorized Customers may be shared with other Authorized Customers who wish to evaluate potential transactions with other Authorized Customers. We may share aggregated information about our Visitors, including the demographics of our Visitors and Authorized Customers, with our affiliated agencies and third party vendors. We also offer the opportunity to ”opt out” of receiving information or being contacted by us or by any agency acting on our behalf.

How is Personally Identifiable Information stored?

Personally Identifiable Information collected by Buy This Book is securely stored and is not accessible to third parties or employees of Buy This Book except for use as indicated above.

What choices are available to Visitors regarding collection, use and distribution of the information?

Visitors and Authorized Customers may opt out of receiving unsolicited information from or being contacted by us and/or our vendors and affiliated agencies by responding to emails as instructed, or by contacting us at Newbury Park, CA 91320

Are Cookies Used on the Site?

Cookies are used for a variety of reasons. We use Cookies to obtain information about the preferences of our Visitors and the services they select. We also use Cookies for security purposes to protect our Authorized Customers. For example, if an Authorized Customer is logged on and the site is unused for more than 10 minutes, we will automatically log the Authorized Customer off.

How does Buy This Book use login information?

Buy This Book uses login information, including, but not limited to, IP addresses, ISPs, and browser types, to analyze trends, administer the Site, track a user’s movement and use, and gather broad demographic information.

What partners or service providers have access to Personally Identifiable Information from Visitors and/or Authorized Customers on the Site?

Buy This Book has entered into and will continue to enter into partnerships and other affiliations with a number of vendors.Such vendors may have access to certain Personally Identifiable Information on a need to know basis for evaluating Authorized Customers for service eligibility. Our privacy policy does not cover their collection or use of this information. Disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information to comply with law. We will disclose Personally Identifiable Information in order to comply with a court order or subpoena or a request from a law enforcement agency to release information. We will also disclose Personally Identifiable Information when reasonably necessary to protect the safety of our Visitors and Authorized Customers.

How does the Site keep Personally Identifiable Information secure?

All of our employees are familiar with our security policy and practices. The Personally Identifiable Information of our Visitors and Authorized Customers is only accessible to a limited number of qualified employees who are given a password in order to gain access to the information. We audit our security systems and processes on a regular basis. Sensitive information, such as credit card numbers or social security numbers, is protected by encryption protocols, in place to protect information sent over the Internet. While we take commercially reasonable measures to maintain a secure site, electronic communications and databases are subject to errors, tampering and break-ins, and we cannot guarantee or warrant that such events will not take place and we will not be liable to Visitors or Authorized Customers for any such occurrences.

How can Visitors correct any inaccuracies in Personally Identifiable Information?

Visitors and Authorized Customers may contact us to update Personally Identifiable Information about them or to correct any inaccuracies by emailing us at

Can a Visitor delete or deactivate Personally Identifiable Information collected by the Site?

We provide Visitors and Authorized Customers with a mechanism to delete/deactivate Personally Identifiable Information from the Site’s database by contacting . However, because of backups and records of deletions, it may be impossible to delete a Visitor’s entry without retaining some residual information. An individual who requests to have Personally Identifiable Information deactivated will have this information functionally deleted, and we will not sell, transfer, or use Personally Identifiable Information relating to that individual in any way moving forward.

What happens if the Privacy Policy Changes?

We will let our Visitors and Authorized Customers know about changes to our privacy policy by posting such changes on the Site. However, if we are changing our privacy policy in a manner that might cause disclosure of Personally Identifiable Information that a Visitor or Authorized Customer has previously requested not be disclosed, we will contact such Visitor or Authorized Customer to allow such Visitor or Authorized Customer to prevent such disclosure.

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Andrew Lee
Andrew Lee

Just left us a 5 star review


Second Pair

Loved them so much got a second pair

Andrew Lee February 27, 2023

Terribly useful.

Dan goes right to the point in this book, in a plain and highly practical style. This book is a kind of spin of of his first book, How to set-up yout business for under $1000. So I strongly recommend to read both. If you are thinking in start your own business but you find difficulties with the strategy, Dan's books show you how step-by-step bridge the gap between your dream and reality.

OSCAR December 11, 2022

5 Stars for Inspiration

Will update when I apply these principles. Fleyshman is legit. Tell your story, start small and work your way up. It doesn’t take a lot of money just hard work and opportunity. You may have heard that before but this is the actual guide.

Jonathon Harbeck September 10, 2022

Great read.

Great tool for a business owner.

Amazon Customer November 7, 2021


This book is great. Read it!! Dan is the real deal!! Every page has actionable items that make you go “oh dang why am I not doing that already?!” Well done Dan!

keith yackey November 3, 2021

Basic but good

This is a good intro to personal branding. Easy read!

mike barnett October 27, 2021

Great Book

For anyone that wants to build a brand and not just build a business but be a business man. Loved it.

Sadequr October 3, 2021

Dan is the man

Packed with intense knowledge from one of the greatest influencers. I’ve been watching Dan for years and his game is tight! As a international best selling author myself, I can guarantee you’ll get a lot out of this book! Buy it, don’t hesitate.

John The Savage September 14, 2021

Best step-by-step brand building book out there!

Dan’s previous book How To Set-Up Your Business For Under $1,000 made me a true believer! The way which Dan wrote both books is the most precise & to the point (no unnecessary **filler fluff**) descriptive outline of how to get from point A to point B; in starting your business and, now in this book, with understanding the reality that “we are each a brand”, ‘whether we are creating it ourselves or letting others decide who we are as a brand for us’. Definitely a MUST READ for anyone looking to get straight to the point about what a brand actually entails in 2021/the future of branding and how to easily take control of your brand narrative and create a brand that works for you. This is your sign… GET THIS BOOK!


The amount of detail and step by step instructions in this book is 🔥.

This is by far the best book on personal branding I've ever read. Detailed and easy to follow...this book reads like a step by step tutorial for online branding domination. Thanks Dan for dropping so much knowledge for us.

Shannon June 19, 2021

Dan Fleyshman is one of my favorite people in the “business influencer” world. This book has all the best tips and tricks for how to build a personal brand for next to nothing. With personal branding becoming more and more important if you want to stand out, this book is a must read!

Brett Knutson June 16, 2021

Another great read by Dan!

Dan Fleyshman is one of my favorite people in the “business influencer” world. This book has all the best tips and tricks for how to build a personal brand for next to nothing. With personal branding becoming more and more important if you want to stand out, this book is a must read!

Knutson June 16, 2021

How to set-up business in the nutshell

Wow! That was so great book. Lot of insights, like tools what to use, internet sites.. Very good for newbies like me.. The book will put you to the next level. You will find so much in this book. Highly recommended. Thank you for the writers!



I seen there this only 100pages worth of potential knowledge, that’s about 97cents a page. I haven’t read the book yet but Im hoping it’s worth it. I’ll be leaving 4 stars just because I’m feeling nice today.

Jose Valero JR September 8, 2020

Definitely a KISS type book

While a lot of this book is outdated, the lessons can easily be taken and used today. If you can't see the message or put what's in this book into a current plan then this probably isn't for you.

Psychegen February 20, 2020

Very easy steps to follow

Very useful,easy to read book

Fernando Mata December 16, 2019

Just advertised!

Easy break down to the steps needed to start a business.

Edi August 1, 2019


To anyone interested in knowing how business setup its done TODAY! this is a MUST READ!!! The book covers a very simple to follow step by step guide to set up ANY BUSINESS properly and with minimum budget (1,000$ or less). Enjoy it!!

Carlos Dikson April 20, 2019


highly recommend this book


Four Stars

Great book! Go with the kindle version though. Book is very short.

Adam Henry April 20, 2018

great resource

Great resource for those who wants to start up a business. Really gives you the guidelines of what to expect from starting a business.


Excellent book for any person new to or thinking about starting their own business. If you are an experienced business owner then this might not be the book for you. However for everyone else this is a great read. I find the checklist very handy and useful.

Mr Bug Guy May 29, 2017

Excellent read

This book was a highly interesting and quick read. It is straight to the point, highlighting the most important aspects of what tools are needed to start your own business. I truly appreciated how it was structured as well; the authors Dan and Branden made it very easy to follow and essentially did the rough work by putting together the necessary elements in an effective and organized manner. I also think it's great how it include examples, such as executive summaries, so that readers can reference. Totally recommend this for anyone interested or curious about what it takes to set up their own business!

Lorena Rojas May 29, 2017

I found this book to be an excellent resource for anyone looking for some quick guidelines and tips of how to setup a business from scratch. This book is not about detailing how to run a business and or the intricacies of your business plan, it more is a step by step guide for navigating the often complicated rules and regulations around starting up. One of my favorite sections was the checklist. It literally lays out each and every milestone you will need to hit along the journey from coming up with a business name and determining your legal structure, thru setting up payment processing and product marketing plans. If there was anything bad i could say about this book it would be that it's not long enough! It is a very quick and easy read and lends itself to being more of a workbook than anything else. Hope this helps and good luck with whatever vision you may be looking to execute!

Mr.Herrod May 28, 2017

This is a quick and perfect read for those who would like to learn quick tips and tricks for beginning their own business. Starting a business can be difficult and stressful. This book really breaks everything down and simply explains the steps to take. I loved how it was a short and simple read. I'm going to pass this around to my friends looking to start their own business.

Kathleen May 28, 2017

Fantastic read for any stage of building a business

I have applied the lean method, as well as design thinking and agile in building different startups ideas. They are all incorporated in different parts of the book. The sources of applications, software, and tools is invaluable! Creative read that is the ultimate guide to starting and running a business.

Iva May 28, 2017

Five Stars

Book was really useful. Highly recommend!

mukarram ismail May 28, 2017

How to setup your business for under $1000 is a good read for anyone looking to do just that

Was researching how to start up a business. Was suggested this book. Its written clearly with step by step what you should look into and where to find it. Checklists. what to start with. where to go. easy resource guide in the back with sources and webpage information. cost estimates. saved tons of time looking through this versus trying to do tons of independent Web searches for hopeful up to date information. published in 2016 so still pretty up to date. I'd recommend it. it came in handy when i was researching business names and licensing for my own enterprises. I'd suggest grabbing it at as a cheap and easy resource.


Good book for business students, entrepreneurs and wannabes

Super, easy and efficient read to study up on business startup. Recommended for entrepreneurs an entrepreneurs to be, business venturers and B-school students alike. Good luck and enjoy!

Zack Eureka May 28, 2017

Some good advice!

Good, quick read about starting your business. Definitely recommend for those looking to start a company

Mannetti808 May 28, 2017

Short read that hits the mark !

Completed reading this book today a short less than a week after delivery and would rate this at 4 stars. 60 pages of content with 30 pages of power packed resources, this is non MBA's how to guide to entrepreneurship. The different aspects of how to start a legit business, what to do, getting funding, the executive summary, presenting the business to potential advisors/ funders is covered simply. It makes start and running a business not seem like an intimidating task. This would work well for anyone looking to start a business as well as someone who deep dived into business without all the right info and wants to backtrack. As a sole propretior the resource section is a personal favorite for me. The resources for mockups and wireframing, product demo, analytics and project management are worth coming back to. The resources are in line with recent developments in business. I would recommend this book for current and would be entrepreneurs as a basic Bible.

Ady May 28, 2017

A checklist of the do's and dont's when setting up a business

I found this book to be an excellent resource for anyone looking for some quick guidelines and tips of how to setup a business from scratch. This book is not about detailing how to run a business and or the intricacies of your business plan, it more is a step by step guide for navigating the often complicated rules and regulations around starting up. One of my favorite sections was the checklist. It literally lays out each and every milestone you will need to hit along the journey from coming up with a business name and determining your legal structure, thru setting up payment processing and product marketing plans. If there was anything bad i could say about this book it would be that it's not long enough! It is a very quick and easy read and lends itself to being more of a workbook than anything else. Hope this helps and good luck with whatever vision you may be looking to execute!

Mr.Quez May 28, 2017

Very concise plan to get your business going!

Having a business bachelors degree, I can tell you the information in this book really sums up, and explains, the steps to starting your own company. The information is relevant, the book is small, and concise, and will definitely help you take the right steps!

Janaina12222 May 28, 2017

short and simple read

This book is a fairly quick read but gives you the basics on setting up or starting a business. My favorite part of the book covered business plans, and I have applied the lean method as well as the agile thinking and agility building which is all in the book if you would like to find out what those mean. Overall the read was very creative but on the simple side. Starting a business is not an easy feat but this book can give you the simple foundations without taking a business 101 course in a university.

Ally Burger May 28, 2017

Just read it!

I totally agree with Dan's motto, "Don't think about it be about it." But my other motto is that to have a successful business you must first establish it and then get the word out that it's opened for business because in a world as today everyone is trying to build their own money but sometimes ideas are not concrete so if you say to someone, "oh I'm going to build this business and this is how I plan to operate it", they will steal that idea from you and say that it was their's from the get go. I love the book and the way it is typed at a medium sized font. Very easy to understand and follow through.

steissy May 28, 2017

Great read, very helpful!

This book is an easy read that is packed with details and tips for starting a business. I found this book to be helpful, both professionally and personally, as many of the ideas and concepts can be used in day-to-day life as well. I also appreciated that the last 30 pages were resources to continue learning and researching this topic. Overall, I thought this book was a great read that was very helpful.


Starting Point

I've been thinking about going forward with a business idea for some years now but have never really had the opportunity to. As I have found more stability in my life, I've been delving back into the concept. However, without a business or economic background and without substantial funding, I've felt like I've been feeling around in the dark. I'm an avid reader and came across the reviews for this book and figured I'd give it a shot. It's a fairly quick read and is simplistic in nature - but that's what I need! The foundation for starting a business is covered with clear instructions that I can understand. I appreciate the authors' ability to purvey the information in a way that is casual and yet insightful. It also has a wealth of resources in the back organized like an encyclopedia. It's definitely a good starting point for those looking to self-start a business!

Leah May 27, 2017

Gets to the Point

Easy to understand. It's written in clear, straightforward language that breaks down in 20 steps how to get a business launched.

James Krull May 27, 2017

Great for people just starting their businesses and learning to ...

Very informative book in a short amount of pages for once! Great for people just starting their businesses and learning to seek further funding with business plans via financial projections etc. Good read.

Shia Labeouf May 27, 2017

... to all your problems but this book does an excellent job of getting you focused in on laying the ...

Obviously no book can be the answer to all your problems but this book does an excellent job of getting you focused in on laying the groundwork for starting a business. I love the chapter that gives a bulletpoint by bulletpoint list of what goes into the business plan, this is often the hardest part of getting started and getting investors on board.

Honest Bachelor May 27, 2017

Interesting read

This book is easy to read. Lots of actionable recommendations and resources. I probably won't start my own business in the near future, but it's good to learn about the mindset and considerations.

MQ May 26, 2017

Short, concise, great advice

Where was this book when I needed it! It is not just for business, but also for life in general. I like how straight forward it is and there is no fluff what so ever. It asks really great questions for critical thinking and sets you up for success, especially if you ever considered opening a business. The college degree in me found 4 typos that made me giggle, but in all honesty the content in this book is worth $1,000 -- specifically the to-do checklist at the beginning of the book and the listed index of tools and resources at the end of the book. Super practical, an easy short read (took me 3 days), and just really great advice. This is way better than any business degree and a must for every modern day entrepreneur!

Teagan R May 25, 2017

Worth the read

I found this book really helpful. I have a lot of ideas but I'm not really sure how to go about them. I also don't want to spend lots of money and this book was a reasonable price and wasn't over whelming to read. I've had other books like this that have been so thick and I haven't been able to read it all, however this was easy to read and l read it in two days and managed to write notes. Definitely worth the buy

Chantal May 25, 2017

A really useful book - and a quick read.

This book is really useful if you are thinking about starting your own business, but don't know where to begin. One day I hope to start my own PR firm, but thinking about it is overwhelming. There are so many legal steps to take, so many decisions to make, so many forms to complete. The most handy parts of "How to Set Up Your Business for Under $1,000" are the checklist in the beginning and the resources at the end. The checklist lists necessary steps like filing as an LLC, getting your tax identification number, registering your business name on all social media platforms and obtaining business licenses. These are steps that creative minds may miss. The resources in the back are also very useful for everything web hosting sites to wireframe services, analytics and marketing. I feel like I'm able to put together a much better roadmap to starting my firm now.


Five Stars

Very interesting read, a lot of usefull info, higly recomanded. Has given me quiet a few ideas.

Petar Gontier May 25, 2017

Great read! I have a business idea but had ...

Great read! I have a business idea but had absolutely no idea as to how to start it up. This book provided me a good head start in bringing my thoughts to reality

Lara T May 25, 2017

Five Stars

Very interesting book! I learned a lot about some stuffs that I even taught about. Thanks :)

Aurore May 25, 2017

It's also great at breaking it down in simple terms

This book is extremely helpful in understanding business concepts. It takes you from the beginning through setup and does it in an affordable manner. It's also great at breaking it down in simple terms. I recommend it.

mbr May 24, 2017


Got this book the next day I've ordered and read it in an hour or so:)) Love it! It's small, cute and simple! Very easy to read!! It's providing you with all sorts of information that you need when opening a business!!! I've got tons of very useful stuff and I like that it's written nowadays, in times that is all about SM (Facebook, websites,Instagram, Pinterest, etc.), as it advising to use all this Social Media which is soooo important nowadays!! My fav part of it is the pages of how to get your first customers!!!! So useful !!! And then the back of the book is what you all guys need-LOTS OF PAGES WITH RESOURCES!!! Great-I'm very happy with this little book of knowledge !!! Thanks authors !!! PS -one last thing-The end of 15th page is repeated at the beginning of 16th-little typo I guess:))

Nadia May 24, 2017

It even provides an easy resource guide of useful websites

This is the go to book for starting any business. I was pleasantly surprised by the concise information this book provided. It is only 7 chapters and gives you a checklist of things to do in order to start a business. It even provides an easy resource guide of useful websites, apps and social media tools. If you don't have the time to read and just want someone to tell you what to do, this will be a guide for your permanent library. I will be using this for the rest of my life.

Bekky Oprah May 24, 2017